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TPSC Non-Tax Refund Instant Issue Tool is Now Available
When the taxpayer does not want to deposit their tax refund into a TPSC account, but wants to sign up for Payroll Direct Deposit or fund the card with another "outside source", you'll apply for TPSC using the Non-Tax Refund Instant Issue Tool, outside of the tax software. To learn how click here.
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The Card Stock Control Log
The Card Stock Control Log is a tool to assist you in the tracking and control of your card stock inventory. Using it will help you avoid errors in inventory and disbursement. To get the Card Stock Control Log click here.
Card Activation
With tax refund cards, Advent needs the IRS Acknowledgement file before TPSC cardholder can activate the card. Once the IRS Acknowledgement is received, the card application flows to the card processing platform almost immediately, enabling card activation. Thus, it is possible that, if a new cardholder tries to immediately activate a card (before the IRS Ack is received) he may not be able to do so.
Advent Check Printing
If you are partnered with Advent Financial to offer bank products please refer to the following instructions on how to print checks.

1) Log in to your Advent account by clicking on this link: https://my.adventtax.com/w/#
2) Click on Home at the top of the screen.
3) Click on Companies.
4) Click on the pencil icon to the left of your name in the Actions column.
5) You should see a tab called Checks, click it.
6) Select your location from the Location drop down box.
7) Your checks will be listed on this screen. 
8) Select the check you want to print and click on Submit Print Job.

Also please note:
1) Google Chrome – Advent's Portal performs best with Google's Chrome web browser. You should download and install Chrome, which you can get by clicking this link: https://www.google.com/intl/en/chrome/browser/. If you can’t use Google Chrome, then you should be on the latest version of Internet Explorer. 

2) Pop-Up Blocker – For step by step instructions on how to configure your Pop-Up blocker in Google Chrome and Internet Explorer click here.

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